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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this software for?

bookkeepy makes it easy and simple to manage your clients, invoices and expenses. It is a perfect simple accounting and bookkeeping application for self employed people and small businesses in United Kingdom.

Can I send the created invoices by email?

Yes. It is the best way to send your invoices, because we made sure to use professional email sending application to avoid spam folders. You are also saving our environment that way by using less paper and saving trees!

Is this software intended for VAT registered businesses and can I create only VAT invoices?

Yes. Everyone can use this software, because we added the option of adding your taxes to the invoices. If you select to add VAT tax, your invoices will automatically have the VAT amount and VAT number.

Can I save the created invoices on my computer?

Yes. You can save the invoices to your computer.

Can I print my sales ledger directly from bookkeepy?

Yes. You can print your sales ledger which the system will automatically create for you from your invoice list.

Is it safe to use bookkeepy?

Yes. Information between your computer and the server is sent through encrypted SSL connection.

Is there a possibility to use multiple currencies?

Yes. You can create invoices and expenses in multiple currencies (GBP, EUR, USD, and so on).

How much does bookkeepy cost?

bookkeepy is free to sign up and use. Prices depend on your individual requirements and you can find plans and pricing here.

How can I contact support if I have additional questions?

You can always contact bookkeepy by email at [email protected]

Will you delete my data if I stop using bookkeepy?

Yes. You can cancel using bookkeepy anytime and delete your account. All your data will be deleted from our databases.

Can you import my data from another system or the spreadsheet we've been using?

Likely so if you can get all your bookkeeping information into a spreadsheet. Contact us and let's chat about it.

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We use PayPal for safe payment processing.

Can you send us an invoice so we can pay by check?

Sure thing, but you will have to prepay for a full year. The good news is that you get a 10% discount for buying an annual plan. Email us at [email protected] to get started.

Can I use bookkeepy outside the U.K.?

Yes. You can use it all over the world.

Which browsers does bookkeepy support?

bookkeepy supports all major browsers, and even works well on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad).